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Buzz Folders

It allows users to quickly access the most used folders from a local computer
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Buzz Folders is a small utility that allows users to quickly access the most used folders from a local computer.
After installing, it will display a small tabbed interface at the bottom of each Explorer window or open/save dialogue window.
Four tabs are available in the interface. The explorer tab, is to access the folders that were recently used by a current application. In the default settings, this links to general Windows folders like My Documents, Program Files, and so on.
'Stickies' tab shows folders that the user defines as favorites for an application. For example, if an image editing program is used, this can be linked to My Pictures folder.
Third tab, named global tab, is for the recently most used folders, regardless the application used. Last tab is customizable. The user can define a certain type of file and the program will display all folders where that type of file was recently accessed.
While active, Buzz Folders will display a small blue icon in the Windows task bar notification area. Various general customization options, like tools and preferences, can be selected from there.
It is a useful application for those who work with a lot of folders, because keeping them all open, and looking for them in an overcrowded Windows task bar, is no longer necessary.

Cristian Ionescu
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  • Fast folder access
  • Useful customization options


  • Interface is not intuitive and takes time to understand each tab functionality
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